Slip Rings






Slip-ring can be used for power and/or data transmission in any electromechanical system where , intermittent or continuous rotation is required. These products increase the mechanical performance, preventing damage to the cable connections between the rotating part and the fixed part during operation, and data and power flow to the moving system is provided.

Specially produced multi-interface sliprings are also available. In these special models, besides electrical power and signals, single and multi-channel fiber optic connections and gas and fluid transmission for pneumatic and hydraulic systems can be provided through a single product.

Rotary electrical interfaces are also called current collector communication collar, brush holder collar system, rotating electrical connectors, collector,, swivel joint or rotating electrical joints. The most common use is slipring motors, electric generators, packaging machines, cable drums, rotating cameras, wind turbines, power transfer to rotary systems, control circuits and can be used in any system to transmit data including analog or digital signals.